Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Acronym

EBA(s) - Enterprise Business Application(s)

Need verify if new acr. Or not

Mike D.

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Email Reliability

Why do emails get lost and why haven't we solved that problem? Email is so important we need to have 100% guaranteed deliver.

One feature we could implment today would be auto reply to any email that goes to the spam box.

Mike D.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cool New Google Features

I just discovered another cool Google tool. It's a voice recognized 411 and it's free!!! (mucher closer to a reasonable price; the cell phone companies (T-Mobile for sure) PISS me off with charging upwards of $2, that's unfair and is price gouging in my opinion.)

A few months ago I came across another feature on Google Maps where a user can enter a phone #, Google will call the # and auto connect you.

Also we now have more control on routes when receiving driving directions with the ability to drag the route around.

That's all for now,
Mike D.