Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Items I Would Know About My Mac

  1. How do I get a more readable font size @ 1080 from 8 - 10 feet on a 42 LCD?
  2. Why are some of my photos not displaying crisply in my screen saver?
  3. Where is the/a Remote Desktop Client?
  4. Who do I tell or what forum do post a message about the remote failing behind sometimes?
  5. What some of the extra keys on a Mac?
  6. Why doesn't my Mac Mouse work properly from 10 feet away?
  7. How do I get the song information to display on change, OS and Slideshow
  8. How do I set the rating easier on my songs? Especially with the remote?
  9. Why does the music stop playing in Front Row when returning to the home page?
  10. Gestures?
  11. Is iPhoto the best? What about tags?

Google Docs Link - Most Up to Date Version

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